On this page you can get well-known font that was formerly used in many books of standard Sanskrit in new OpenType format. Although this is not full and complete work, hope that visitors will like this useful Devanagari font.

Download is upon request to lila123(at)newmail.ru
Please, give information about yourself:
good name; where do you live;
what is your interest in using font and level of knowledge of Sanskrit or Hindi.

 OpenOffice works well with OpenType in Windows and Linux.
In options (language settings) you can activate CTL (complex layout), so that cursor will go by Devanagari syllables or by letters.
Working in Win9x but you need usp.dll (installed with IE5), you can see text but can't type.

INSCRIPT (Indic Script) keyboard:

done by Lila-Purusottam das /lila123 at newmail.ru/

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